When I got my new Vista laptop the first thing I did was fix all the crap that it ships with from Dell. That includes removing that virus called Norton Trial Edition, setting the terrible start menu back to classic view and turning off the Sidebar. Well, I didn’t turn the sidebar off immediately. I stupidly thought that it would have some sort of auto-hide feature and would popout of the side of my screen when the mouse point reached it’s extent. I mean, why would you possibly want to take up valuable screen real-estate 100% of the time?

Anyway, I just re-enabled it out of curiousity and noticed the WordPress gadget. That feature I like. Now if only I can figure out how to get a shortcut to the gadget into my start menu so I can use this nice little applet on demand. I’ll post more here once I figure that out. I’m sure it’s easy but right now I’m already late for Kate and Bruce’s wedding.


The pictures from  Kate and Bruce’s wedding have been uploaded to my Flickr account (see sidebar for links).  And more importantly I have disabled the Windows Sidebar.  The only useful feature was the WordPress gadget which quite honestly I could just as easily get to from the Start menu if it was an app so why bother with running the Sidebar all day.

I have since installed Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer beta along with plugins for Firefox and VisualStudio 2005.  It’s a simple app that allows me to create posts offline and synch them to my wordpress blog when they are ready to publish.  The VisualStudio plugin allows me to select code and blog it right away, with formatting.  And the Firefox plugin lets me blog pages directly from the browser.