From the Spacing Wire, Spacing Magazines blog comes this great poster.  You can see the complete post here  You are encouraged to print, blog and share …


When I got back to the Spacing office I dug out a poster I designed last summer but never did anything with. I’ve posted it on Spacing’s Flickr account (you can download the different sized versions by clicking on “All Sizes”, or if you want a high-res version you can grab it from Photobucket). We encourage any and all of you to download it, put it on your blogs and web sites, post it on utility poles near parking spots with bike lanes, or photocopy it and place it on windshields when appropriate. We have left space at the bottom of the poster for you to include your group’s logo or whatever you want to place there (feel free to remove our logo/website entirely if you wish).

Matthew Blackett, Link to Flickr Photo Download: cars-in-bikelane-PSA