Well today saw another great running of the annual Not Paris to Ancaster event.  I’m not sure what number this one is.  Maybe #7? 

We started a little earlier than usual this time, 8:30.  Actually, it was more like 9:00 and that was my fault.  How was I to know the Gardiner was closed today?  The turnout included yours truly, Dave, Steve, Andrew and Jeremy.  All of us were riding cross bikes with the exception of Steve who showed up with a mountain bike sporting BIG tires.  The sad thing is he was still able to lead the pace for pretty much the entire ride.

The weather was brilliant.  You couldn’t ask for anything better.  We took off like a freight train from the parking lot and maintained a fairly decent pace all the way to Winston Churchill Boulevard.  From the end of the rail trail at WCB it was the usual steady slog up the escarpment although it was significantly helped by the recent paving of the notorious gravel stretch we usually encounter toward the summit.  We stopped at the ice cream shop, and on a day when it was already 25 degrees were looking forward to a cold tasty treat.  But alas, they store had not opened up the ice cream freezers.  Consequently we didn’t linger very long and were soon on our way.

The next leg is the famous “Forks of the Credit” switchback.  However, when we crested the top of the decent we found the road closed.  A pleasant gentlemen informed us that it was closed due to roadworks but we were free to travel through if we could.  I don’t think he knew that all of us were riding cross bikes and all accomplished mountain bikers.  The road was stripped and was mainly hard pack sand, mud and some puddles.  It was great!  We took off down the fast decent all the way to the switchbacks taking full advantage of the fact there were no cars and we could take up both lanes.  It was fantastic.

Beyond the switchbacks it was the usual ride back toward the escarpment, past the Caledon Cycling Store and back onto the rail trail.  It wasn’t long before we were back at the cars. 

Nobody was keeping track but we certainly bettered out past times by at least 30 to 45 minutes.  Due in part to the lack of stops and the high pace we maintained there and back.  That coupled with the early start meant I was on the road heading back to Toronto by 12:08pm.  All in all it was a great ride and a perfect way to continue a long standing tradition.  Thanks to everyone that came out for the 2007 Not Paris to Ancaster.