After my morning ride in Caledon this morning I decided to hit the Don for a some hills and trails with my friend Vanessa.  I’ve always loved the Don for what it offers.  Namely great technical trails in the heart of one of the largest cities in North America.  I’ve been riding in the Don for about fifteen years and know every root, hill, drop and twist intimately.  Sure I get bored of it, but for something that is practically outside my back door it can’t be beaten.  That and the next closest trail system requires an hour drive on a 4oo series highway makes the Don all the more attractive, especially for mid-week after work jaunts.

Not today.

Helmetless idiots outnumbered intelligent humans by a significant factor.  It was frustrating seeing so many people attempting to ride my trails in a manner that is sure to gain the attention of the media and municipal officials.  And when it does it could easily lead to trail closures.  What is it that goes through these imbeciles (lack of) minds that compels them to get on a bike, go careening down a steep rock drop without a melon cushion? 

I think I’m going to stick to early morning rides when the trails are all but deserted.  Live on “Dawn in the Don”