This morning I had a great ride in the Don trails.  That in itself is not completely unusual, unless you take into account today was the annual Becel Ride for Heart.  But wait, the Ride for Heart runs along the Don Valley Parkway.  Why would that make a trail ride so great?  Well, the Becel Ride for Heart involves shutting down the Don Valley Parkway to regular vehicular traffic.  When you remove thousands of cars from a narrow strip of tarmac you also remove an incredible amount of white noise.

What made today’s ride so great was an entirely different noise.  The noise that is omnipresent in any forest.  The noise that comes from birds, squirrels, wind, trees and leaves.  The natural noise of the Don Valley green belt that is usually overwhelmed by the sound of gasoline engines and rubber tires.

It is very rare that we get to experience this amazing sound.  Only on those few days each year that the DVP is closed to cars.  Most of those days revolve around construction and are thus inconsistent each summer.  However, one we can count on (hopefully for the foreseeable future) is the Becel Ride for Heart. 

I propose that we make the Becel Ride for Heart Sunday a second Screaming Carrot traditional ride date along with the existing NP2A. 

Oh, if you need any further encouragement consider this.  I passed three other cyclists so the trails were devoid of their normal congestion.  I saw a groundhog sleeping on the rail line as I crossed to the flats.  And finally, I saw a deer feeding in the bush just south of Don Mills!