From Reuters comes this promising article.   

Having spent a few years in the PR industry I have to take all articles like this with a huge grain of salt.  However I am also very optimistic.  A move like this will certainly garner a lot of positive media attention for McDonalds but the bottom line is they are recycling their own waste product into fuel. 

I think the article could have gone a lot further though.  They quote some 1,600+ tonnes of carbon will be saved.  In the grand scheme of things this is nothing.  But what they failed to mention is that the fuel they are burning is cleaner overall.  While CO2 is a major greenhouse gas it is not the only pollutant that spews out of our tailpipes.  Biodiesels generally produce cleaner emissions in addition to less carbon.  Yet another reason to consider converting.

One concern I do have is the reliance on rapeseed oil.  Although the article does claim that they want to move away from it as soon as possible and that it only represents about 10% of the fuel makeup.  A friend of mine made an interesting comment in relation to the the U.S. increase in corn crops for Ethanol production.  It was something along the lines of “we are now growing food for our cars!?!”  Growing rapeseed to produce oil for vehicles is no different.  It is hugely irresponsible to commit precious agricultural land and water resources to growing food for vehicles.

First fries, then vans: McD’s to recycle oil | Consumer Products & Retail | Reuters