[21:30]  At least that’s what I thought when I happened to be subjected to a trailer for this abomination.  I’ve caught some bits and pieces of Family Guy over the past couple of years and I have been quite unimpressed.  The writing is juvenile yet unfunny (contrast with the Simpsons where the humour is juvenile and adult simultaneously and reliably funny).

Well, that impression has changed somewhat.  It’s 9:30pm and during a commercial break as I write this.  The Family Guy’s treatment of the first, um fourth, er first Star Wars film has been pretty impressive so far.  The attention to detail is impeccable.  Simple things like the vertical blind cut that leaves us with a scene of the Jawa Sand Crawler, the subtle yaw as the Millennium Falcon departs the Tatooine Space Port show a huge attention to detail in preparing this obvious tribute to the original movie.

[21:37] Yeah, the over the top humour still bothers me but the fact it’s 9:37pm and Peter Griffin just broke into the prisoner block and recited Han Solo’s lines verbatim blows me away.  How have they managed to capture the entire story up to this point, add a lot of additional material, insert those damn commercials and still be ahead of the original movie timeline by twenty minutes?

[21:43] Hmm… They avoided a great scene in the garbage pit.  The scene where the snake like creature brushes up against one of the characters and then snatches Luke under water has been replaced by them carrying out a dirty old couch.  I wonder if that was written in just so they could drop “Fabreze” as a product-placement audio snippet???

Ok, they just took off out of the Death Star and I am sure it was exactly the same scene.  Did they work out something with George Lucas to gain access to the original footage?  I’m beginning to think they’ve been using rotoscoping to get the realism. 

[21:47] Obi Wan Kenobi is dead and its about time for Luke and Han to battle the Tie fighters.  Perfect, they’ve even preserved the 1977 pre-CGA graphics of the targeting system.  And, this is awesome, they’ve edited in the explosions from the original movie into the animation.

[21:49] We can do without the Magic Johnson bit.

[21:51] “Oh look, a light saber cheese knife” – Peter Griffin as Han Solo.  That would be a cool addition to any kitchen.

[21:52] They’re flying into the trench on the Death Star.  I’m convinced this has to be rotoscoped.

[21:54] Star Wars over and back to the Griffin family living room and a Robot Chicken reference.  Maybe I’ll start watching the Family Guy.