On March 22 Kate gave birth to Bjorn Thomas Eidsvik.  I’m going to check with Bruce about cross posting some of the images here.  Everyone is doing very well and Bruce seems to have some idea that Bjorn will be competing in the 2034 Winter Olympics.  If little Bjorn is even slightly like his parents I’d say that is a very likely prospect 🙂


Yep, I can’t wait…

It’s just an intro to a skateboard video but wow!  It’s beautiful and a great choice of accompanying musical score.

I would love to see a similar treatment for a climbing or mountain biking video 🙂

The Bruce Trail

So I’ve been hiking sections of the Bruce Trail for the past few years in an ongoing goal to complete the 800+ km Canadian Wonder.  One of these days I’ll tally up my distance.  Right now I’d estimate it at somewhere between 30 and 40%.  Still a long way to go.

My sister must have recognized my love of this incredible natural wonder and was inspired to paint this image for me for as a Christmas present.  I knew the moment I unwrapped it what it was.  The subtle white blaze was the giveaway.

Thanks Tam, it’s an awesome picture.

Ok, Andrew thinks its going to be a deer blind.  But since I’m a vegetarian I’ll just think of it as a place to hang out and have a beer during a midnight hike from the cottage.

Blind Ladder in ProgressJust prior to Christmas at my sister’s I spent a few days at Andrew’s cottage along with another friend Oliver.  Our “work project” this time was to build a beer blind near the South end of the property. 

Blind Ladder V1Andrew had already scoped out a suitable trio of trees in a long forgotten clearing.  In addition he had also flagged a new and meandering trail from the back pond to the clearing.  All that remained was to build the ladder and the platform.

Earlier in the morning Andrew had trimmed two poles and he and Oliver had nailed split cedar rungs to them.  I showed up just in time to help them attach the base of the platform and lean the structure against the North side of a tree.  The picture to the right shows Oliver attaching a support about a third of the way up the ladder.

It looked as if we were close to finished.

Blind Ladder V2Until an assessment of the stability of the tree/ladder combination was tested and left us all wondering who would be the poor victim to venture up it first.

So, with a lot of grunting, swearing and cursing we managed to move the entire, almost 20 foot ladder, 90 degrees into a more stable position.

Blind Ladder V3On the left we see Andrew using his chainsaw to trim off the brace that Oliver had added earlier so that the ladder could be secured to a second tree for more support. 

More support being relative to the previous attempt.  The wind suddenly blew a slight breeze of about 10kmh and the resulting bending and shifting had us instantly discussing the third and hopefully final option. 

By the time we were done we had removed the platform, shifted the ladder 90 degrees, then another 90 degrees but finally had it secured.  It seemed like an awful lot of work to go to just to make a Beer Blind!  Let’s just hope nobody falls off.  With a close to 20 foot drop it would be a long hobble back to the cottage with a broken leg.


Geoff just posted an update on RtNX ’07 broadcast date.

Raid the North Extreme is coming to your television – on Network Prime Time!
Global TV has confirmed a broadcast time: Saturday, Jan 12 at 9:00 pm for the one-hour High Definition feature show on RTNX Prince Rupert & Haida Gwaii 2007.
After it airs on Global, it will appear on menTV, the Extreme Channel, PBS in the US, Helly TV online, and will be available on DVD and iTunes.
Racers and other AR enthusiasts are encouraged to plan viewing parties in communities across the country. Packages are available from FAR including ‘how to’ notes and prizing for the party – just email us. If you’re having a party, post it on the Facebook page!

For those of you that aren’t on Facebook try or send an email to

Yes folks, its that time of year again.  The annual Fall Blowout is almost upon us.  And with dough in my pocket and an itch for a new road bike I should be lined up outside at 10:00am with the rest of the herd.

I would be interested in meeting for breakfast before hand if anyone else is planning on going?

The details:

Toronto International Bicycle Show
Direct Energy Centre (CNE)
East Annex, Hall F, Door 33
Exhibition Place Toronto, Ontario

Saturday, October 13, 2007 10 am – 5pm

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